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Feeling Appreciation — Not Thinking Appreciation


It’s a 90 days challenge I’m doing, to FEEL Appreciation instead of THINKING it.
My intention is to focus on raising my vibration through DEEP appreciation, with the assistance of My Super Consciousness – My Soul, Higher Self. This is because I really want a better world. A New Earth that is for UNITY and ONENESS.

Change must start with me. This will not happen in the 90 days, however, my intention is that this is a starting point for me and the Human Collective. I also continue with my Self-Love processes during this time.

#Love, #Self Improvement, #Self, #Self Awareness, #Self Love, #Raising Vibrations, #Unity, #Oneness, #Human Collective, #Super Consciousness, #Soul, #Higher Self, #Laughter, #Joy,

Story URL: https://medium.com/illumination/feeling-appreciation-not-thinking-appreciation-1a8bd48e13d1

Contributor’s name: Nomanono Isaacs

Medium profile name: https://medium.com/@nomanono

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