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Coyote on the Beach Blanket — A survival story


Will Cynthia and Aspen survive when a coyote stalks them on the beach?

“The two made it over the sand dune and out onto the wide beach. It was beautiful. The waves were lapping up onto the shore gently. There was a slight breeze keeping everything nice and comfortable, but not blowing the water too much where it would make swimming uncomfortable or dangerous. Cynthia and Aspen flipped their blankets onto the sand, popped their umbrella and laid down to soak up the atmosphere.”

“There were some boats and jet skies out past the buoys that marked the limits of the swimming area. There was a life guard’s chair high off the ground, but it was unoccupied. That wasn’t unusual during the week when there weren’t as many visitors to the beach. It just meant being careful when going into the water.”

Story URL: https://medium.com/illumination/coyote-on-the-beach-blanket-99d0cb77e39b

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