How can I take appointments from my website?

I can set up an appointment program that can use your schedule to allow your clients to schedule appointments that fit into your defined schedule

You might have made an appointment at your doctor’s office online and would like to have the same set up for your office. I can set up an appointment system that can integrate into your existing website or that acts as a standalone site that you can link to send your clients to for appointment making.

The program can schedule multiple employees, for example a hair or nail salon, or other type of practice, such as a medical or law office.

You get reports showing when people make appointments. Your staff gets an email. The client also get confirmation and reminder emails, as well.

You can set up payments with the system so that people can prepay, or pay a deposit. Payment isn’t required. You can use the system to let your clients schedule appointments without any need to make any payments.

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