Cedar Lake Indiana web design

I’ll help you with your web design so your Cedar Lake business grows

I’ve lived in Northwest Indiana since 1993 and have gone to school, worked, built my own businesses, raised children, and have invested my life in the community.

I want to help your business grow with quality web design that gets your message out to potential and existing customers in Cedar Lake, Lowell, St. John, Crown Point and everywhere else you want your message to be seen.

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I design elegant web pages that load quickly and please your customers

Blazing fast Northwest Indiana web design

I’ve found that making pages that load quickly is satisfying. You want your site to pop up when someone enters your Cedar Lake web address into their browser. Or, when they click on a search result. I know how to make your Cedar Lake’s business web design look great and run like a cheetah.

I’ll test your pages using Google’s tools as well as monitor your website to make sure Google and Bing are happy and indexing your Cedar Lake business online. Page speed is something that search engines keep in mind when they decide how to rank Cedar Lake web designs.

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I’ll create a web design that works great on mobile phones and desktops so that your Cedar Lake customers get your message from wherever they search

Northwest Indiana web design by 96c.co

A majority of searches happen on cell phones. You want a web design that will look great on a phone screen, tablet and a desktop computer screen. I’ll make your Cedar Lake web design easy to use and to read. Your website will also look great!

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Your Cedar Lake web design will be hosted on a dedicated server running, instead of shared hosting that competes with 1000’s of other web sites

You have a choice to get an economy seat in the center seat of the airplane, or you can have a luxurious first class cabin seat. Do you choose the economy seat? Do you select First Class? If the cost wasn’t an issue, would you take the center seat in the crowded cabin? I’ll host your Cedar Lake website in the luxurious first class section with only a few (or maybe only your site, depending on circumstances and your business needs).

Blazing fast servers for Cedar Lake 96c.co

Instead of having your site on a server getting 10,000s of requests for who knows how many websites are on the server, your site will be a server that is blazing fast because it isn’t sharing resources with the multitudes. Why get stuck in a traffic jam when you have a wide open highway with no competing traffic to get in the way of your business.

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I will secure your site with SSL encryption so that your customers are confident and search engines will rank your Cedar Lake website higher

96c.co web design Northwest Indiana

You want a web design for your Cedar Lake business that inspires confidence. Having a SSL encrypted website shows your Cedar Lake and Northwest Indiana clients you care about their data security. I will host your website with SSL encryption standard because it is probably the number one ranking factor search engines look for these days of hackers and malware. Take a look at search results and see how many of the first page results are running old-fashioned encrypted servers. Not too many these days.

I handle all of the technical aspects of your web design so your can worry about counting all of the money you’ll be making with your new website!

I run my sites using a service that monitors and protects your webpages 24/7 so you can focus on building and growing your Cedar Lake and Northwest Indiana (maybe next the world) business to be the best it can be!

Call Chris at (219) 713-0322 today to get started.