The importance of SEO in designing NW Indiana websites for law firm websites

I'll optimize your Northwest Indiana web site so your customers easily find it in search results.
I’ll optimize your Northwest Indiana web site so your customers easily find it in search results.

SEO gets your website found by Northwest Indiana clients looking for your law office

Search engine optimization gets your Northwest Indiana web design found when people search for your law office or business online.

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I design your Northwest Indiana law office website with search engine optimization guidelines in mind so that you get potential clients calling your law office to set up appointments.

The goal is to provide great content that is helpful to your customers.

When you provide Northwest Indiana customers valuable information on your web site, search engines reward your site with a higher ranking on the search engine results pages.

SEO benefit overview for Northwest Indiana law office websites

ItemSEO benefitIncluded?
Great contentIf it’s helpful to your customers, it’s helpful to your search engine optimizationYes
SSLEncryption is a huge SEO factor. If your site isn’t encrypted, search engines might select another site that is because customers’ data is protected by encryption.Yes
Fast loading designsPeople don’t want to wait for a web site that loads slowly, especially on a mobile phone. I make Northwest Indiana web designs that load quickly on cell phones and desktops.Yes
Mobile friendly web designThis is another search engine ranking factor. Since most search is done on mobile phones, I’ll make sure your site works great on a phone, as well as desktop.Yes

SEO brings organic traffic, so you save online advertising costs in these days of $50 cost-per-click attorney and legal keywords

When you are starting a business, let’s say a law firm, for example, how do you get your clients?

You can pay for advertising. Maybe a phone book representative stops by your office and sells you a display ad in the phone book and search engine advertising.

The phone book company (or other marketer) makes money by managing your ad buys.

If you have a competitive keyword (such as personal injury law), you could end up battling against other firms with large advertising budgets. You may not be able to afford the cost of acquiring clicks to your website at the cost of $50 or more.

That’s why Google earns $33 Billion per year. A lot of lawyers bid on the keyword “attorney” making it the forth most expensive keyword, according to Wordstream.

A less expensive option is to build a website designed to bring in traffic organically.

That means people find your listing in Google or other search engines when your Northwest Indiana web site is listed in the search engine results without you having paid to bid in the keyword advertising auction.

I know how to write your content so that your Northwest Indiana web design shows up in search engine results.

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It doesn’t happen overnight, but with some great content writing, testing and observation, I can help your site to rank well.

If you buy a standard template law website that is the same as everyone else’s Northwest Indiana lawyer website, you run the risk of your website not performing well because search engine algorithms are designed to weed out duplicate or “thin” content. You need a law office web site that is uniquely designed to reflect your practice.

You can help your potential clients find your law office online by unique and intelligent content writing designed with search engine optimization in mind

Let’s say you want to reach out to Northwest Indiana lawyers who have just graduated the bar and don’t have any clients and might be short on advertising budgets.

This is what I would do: I would create some useful and informative content that will explain how I can help these new attorneys who are looking to attract clients find them inexpensively so they can use the money saved to pay their student loans.

I would make sure to explain how web sites can help the newly admitted Northwest Indiana attorneys build their practice by having a uniquely designed website that focuses on driving Northwest Indiana clients to become clients.

I would also say that a template law firm website that is a cookie-cutter design often fails to properly signal Google why that page should rank higher than any other similarly situation web page.

It is best to have a website that is written to reflect what makes that particular attorney unique, while keeping in mind the scientific and artistic principles of search engine optimization.

And, without having to potentially pay $50 per click to an advertising company for directing a shopper to take a look at your website.

Maybe the potential client sets up an appointment after causing you to pay $50 to the search advertising company?

Or, the potential client could say to herself that she wants to check our more attorneys and “bounces” out of your website, costing you $50 without any return on the investment in your Northwest Indiana attorney website.

With an organic search strategy, you’ll save money by building out a useful site that potential clients will find helpful.

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I will build your Northwest Indiana law firm a website that is optimized to satisfy Google’s ranking factors.

While nothing is guaranteed in SEO, I can do my best to make sure your Northwest Indiana law firm web site design is optimized to have the highest chance of being successful in ranking well after a certain period of time required for Google to do it’s algorithmic testing of your site in the search results before placing your site at a certain position in the search engine result positions.

If you buy a “thin” template website for your Northwest Indiana law firm from a company that mass produces the same templates for thousands of other attorneys, it will be difficult to signal to Google and other search engines what makes your firm different than all the rest of the Northwest Indiana law firms.

If it has the same wording, or similar wording because it is mass-produce template product, will it get picked up by the search engine as being too similar to every other such web site?

I know how to get your posts to score well in search engine results

There is an art and science to creating content that ranks well in Google search results.

Sometimes it requires using the scientific method.

Testing is required at times.

Observation and collection of data is a necessity.

It means an awareness of search trends and any major updates to Google’s about 200 ranking factors is required, such as making sure websites are protected with SSL encryption in these days of data breaches and hackers or what Google sees as good user experience, such as a website that works well the majority of searchers using cell phones.

Just as attorneys read advance sheets and look at West Key Numbers to keep up with the latest changes in the appellate courts, good web designers in Northwest Indiana and across the United States and the world keep an eye on various tools and information sources that explain what changes are happening in the search arena.

Last year, Google updated it’s search algorithm 3,000+ times.

You need to keep up with the changes in case law, not Google algorithm changes.

Leave that up to me so you have time to Shepardize the cases you are going to cite in court tomorrow.

(Even though I’m no longer a licensed attorney and cannot practice law nor give legal advice, the video we watched as law students about the young lawyer who failed to Shepardize his case before the big trial and ended up losing everything is seared in my brain).

It wouldn’t be any fun to get a footnote pointing out one’s failure to properly Shepardize cited case law.

I’ll let you do that while I “Shepardize” your content in relation to Google’s webmaster guidelines. And, if another search engine takes over Google’s market share, I’ll make sure to study their guidelines. (If you are good for Google, you should be good for every other major search engine).

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Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. I cannot give legal advice. Please seek qualified assistance from a licensed lawyer in your jurisdiction.

But, I can create a great website and tell you a strategy that can get your Northwest Indiana law office to rank well in Google and other search engines.

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