Top 5 web design elements Northwest Indiana websites need

Here are the top 5 web design elements that will make your Northwest Indiana website great.

Northwest Indiana web designs must have great content

Great content draws in your customers.

Your website must be helpful to your customers or readers. If is, you will be rewarded by search engines which will mean more web visitors and customers.

Be helpful and provide great information in your web pages.

I love writing and will create great content for your website that attracts the Northwest Indiana customers you want to inspires your current ones.

Localization is key for Northwest Indiana web pages

If you want local business, you’ll want to make sure search engines know your website is aimed for Northwest Indiana customers. If you are looking for business in other locations, the same is true. One easy way to let Google and other search engines know about your Northwest Indiana webpage is to put your company’s name, address and local telephone number on every page. I can do this for you when I design your web site.

Mobile phone design is mandatory for Northwest Indiana websites

Mobile design is something I'll do for your Northwest Indiana web design.

Most people are using cell phones to search for your business. I’ll design your Northwest Indiana website to work well no matter where it is being viewed. Search engines check for mobile friendliness, so I’ll design your Northwest Indiana web page to meet search engine quality standards. I’ll also handle all of your asset and image optimization so that your Northwest Indiana web design loads fast even on 3G phone connections.

SSL encryption isn’t a luxury. It’s a requirement for Northwest Indiana web designs

I’ll design your Northwest Indiana web site to use the most current SSL encryption to protect your website and your visitors from having their data stolen. My servers run security software and are monitored and managed 24/7. I also use Google’s services as well to monitor for any issues they detect that could affect your Northwest Indiana web site.

Blazing fast dedicated servers that load web designs fast for Northwest Indiana users on phones and computers

I’ll host your Northwest Indiana web design on a dedicated server that only runs my sites. It’s the difference like riding in the first class cabin of a luxury jet vs. a crowed subway car. If you aren’t using dedicated hosting, your Northwest Indiana web pages could be on a shared server hosting 10,000+ websites. You’ll have to hope that someone in that crowded server box doesn’t use up all the resources. If someone’s website goes viral, it could affect your Northwest Indiana website’s performance because everyone is sharing the same space. I use dedicated servers so all the resources are dedicated to your Northwest Indiana web pages.