Ultimate premium website design with SEO and content optimization services

Get your ultimate premium web design from 96c.co.
Get your ultimate premium web design from 96c.co

Fall is here and Northwest Indiana businesses need a great web design sale to blast their profits into the stratosphere

On sale now! $3,999.99 Ultimate Premium Web Design with additional fees for monthly SEO services that will get your site ranking well within 6 months locally so you can use your online advertising budget for areas other than traffic generation

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I’ll also get you listed on Google My Business (like mine for Northwest Indiana web design) and help you to optimize your local listing so that people find you when searching for your business using their phone or computer

I want to concentrate my time with a few clients so I can fully dedicate my time crafting a market strategy that will show significant return on value. You are paying for my expertise (there are only so many hours in the day, and I’m not planning on outsourcing my work overseas to make a commodity retail model work at a low price – let’s keep jobs and money in the United States), so I want to be able to focus on putting a lot of effort into your Northwest Indiana business’ site.

Your web design will be optimized for cell phones that runs fast and is served from blazing fast dedicated servers that gets your Northwest Indiana business ranked highly on search engines

I’ll build a custom web site for your business that works well with cell phones (60% to 70% of traffic these days for certain businesses) and regular computers. Your web site will run fast on a dedicated server. It will be optimized to to meet Google’s best practices.

If you want a template site, I can give you some places to call. If you want an strategically optimized and targeted web site for your Northwest Indiana business that will pay for itself within the year, call me, Chris at (219) 713-0322

Instead of charging a little and just building out generic template sites that don’t do much for Google ranking, organic search engine results, and for customer experience because they look like everyone else’s sites, I’ll work some magic that will show a nice return on investment (ROI) after Google gets it sorted and ranked in its system.

Low web design prices for small web sites are a loss-leader to get you signed up for advertising sales program

If you buy a quickly built web design for your Northwest Indiana business that is thin on content, you will pay for Google Adsense advertising run by your web designer who uses the template web page as a loss leader to get you paying them an ad sales commission.

I’m not opposed to web designers making money by ad commissions, but I like working an organic strategy for my clients that pays for itself

I’m not opposed to advertising, but I built web sites for my previous businesses that didn’t require costly monthly advertising buys to get the qualified customers I wanted after the sites had had some time to get ranked by Google.

I knew people I shared office space with in the past who were paying $10,000 per month for legal advertising in the phone book and for a flimsy website on the publisher’s server that was an advertising commission profit center for the phone book company.

You can expense the advertising, if that’s your tax accountant’s recommendation. Or, you can save some of the advertising budget for some other business priority. I am not a tax lawyer or accountant, so please see out qualified assistance from legal and tax professionals in your jurisdiction.

My website saved me $119,400 in advertising expenses. I can do the same for you.

I made my own sites using my web design skills and knowledge of Google’s webmaster quality guidelines and 200+ ranking factors and was able to get as many calls to my cell phone as they received through the switch board at a fraction of the cost. My website saved me $119,400 per year because I wasn’t paying into the $10,000 per month advertising budget, but getting better qualified leads. I practiced law for 15+ years before retiring and know the super high cost of advertising and marketing. I found I could get my law office’s website ranked highly on Google for a the fairly competitive bankruptcy keyword.

Before creating my own business websites, I made the first web site for Valparaiso University School of Law’s The Forum using the engineering server in 1995 (before it got booted off). In 1998, I also made a Nike missile web page for a nuclear base located in Portage.

I can use my expertise to build a web page that saves money for your business.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed attorney and cannot answer any legal questions or do any legal work. Please seek out qualified legal assistance from a licensed professional in your jurisdiction.

My intelligent writing strategies will attract the qualified customers you want. If they come to your site, you should be able to convert a majority of your visitors

You can attract the customers you want with some intelligent writing strategies. A generic template site won’t be able to employ the same strategic crafting that will show a significant return on value for your business.

Let’s feed the Google and make some great content

I’d rather build out a quality site filled with great content that tells your business’ offerings and keeps your customers engaged, than build a cut and paste website for your Northwest Indiana business.

Content is key. Search engines want expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Well written content, updated and optimized for your readers is the key to search engine placement today.

I’ll also work with you on content generation, because a static Northwest Indiana web design with little content isn’t going to do as well as highly targeted pages written to get your message to the customers you want using the keywords they are searching for.

I’ll work with you on payment arrangements (down payment with monthly payments or 50% / 50% or other terms).

Get started today! Call Chris at (219) 713-0322.

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